for G. Oster Ikea Book

Vampirovy Family for IKEA book. Main image

Vampirovy Family for IKEA book. Additional images

Started fascinating joint project IKEA and Grigory Oster, the creator of the genre “bad advice.” Through this project, children will be able to participate in an interesting study and become the heroes of a new book by popular writer. By the way, the project  – It’s a full-fledged continuation of cooperation with IKEA in the action “Be creative as you want!».

Grigory Oster in his book of the same “Kvartirovedenie: unscientific survey of families and their environment” together with IKEA becomes explore “apartment secrets”, more precisely, the secrets of those who live in these apartments. The author tells about the families living in urban high-rise buildings, about the leisure of children and adults about the home environment and many other things that makes each apartment individual and unique.

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Prianikovy Family. Main image

Sobiralovy Family. Main image

Talantikovy Family. Main image

Divanovy Family. Main image

Nesoscitaikiny Family. Main image

Zooparkovy Family. Main image

Besporiadkovy Family. Main image

Vzroslikovy Family. Main image

Prazdnikovy Family. Main image