Our studio specializes in visual advertising. With 25 years of experience, thousands of projects, and satisfied clients, one of our areas of expertise is creating materials for retail networks – product visuals, promotional materials, adaptations, intricate retouching, and creative unconventional solutions.


Below you’ll find a few samples of our work (an image plus two full-sized fragments).

This compilation combines studio photography and 3D materials. Liquid splashes are first physically simulated in a specialized program. Then, based on these simulations, a 3D sculptor creates a splash model, exports it to a 3D editor where it’s refined. Next, the desired material is created – juice, milk, coffee, wine, and so on. Models are also generated (e.g., fruits) for studio photography to ensure accurate reflections. The scene is then rendered and sent for retouching. We have an extensive database of ready-made splashes featuring various materials and photographed products, which accelerates the layout creation process.


Please feel free to reach out for additional information at the email addresses art@efendi.lt and efendiart@gmail.com. (Для наших українських колег: ми також можемо спілкуватися українською мовою). You can also request full-sized samples from those displayed on the Efendi Studio website or send a brief request according to which we can select materials from our extensive database.