A penguin is the star of new commercial of Raiffeisen’s bank. Agency Saatchi &Saatchi came up with an adorable penguin character who sets off to meet explorers in the big North. Shot in Iceland, and directed by Moritz Mohr, production house Bazelevs turned to Mikros Image’s vfx studio to create the CG penguins & part of the ice field environments and northern lights. The team spent two months crafting this lovely and adventurous spot.
Production : Bazelevs l Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi l Director : Moritz Mohr
Mikros image
Head of Commercials : Fabrice Damolini
Head of VFX Studio : Benoît Holl
VFX Supervisor : Alain Boutillier
VFX Producers : Pascal Giroux & Frederic Groetschel
Set up : Christophe Martins Da Silva
Modeling : Thomas Haas, Katarina Djordjevic
Animation : Anne Chatelain, Augustin Paliard
Tracking : Elliot Tesseraud, Stéphane Richez,
Fur : Romain Carlier, Caroline Lobato,
Texture : Melina Milcent
Matte painting : David Ratajczak
Lighting Julien Haillot,Mathias Barday
Fx : William Untereiner,, David Roubah. Bruno Jacquelin
Composting : Gerome Viavant, Marielle Santens, Jean-Philippe Saintherand
Colorist : Sébastien Mingam l Colorist assistant : Nicolas Guibert
Conformation : Grégory Patris